Sunday, February 7, 2016

Life as we know it is changing Feb 2016

So school has gone back this is the start of the second week.My big boys are back to tafe,and if they are not they head to work.
Miss Em has started  year 3 this year one of the hardest years in school .While Mum has started tafe herself.Its going to be hard to feel comfortable in the new routeen ,but we will all need to pull our weight now,and work as a family.Our weekend a normally so busy already without the stress of assignments or extra study,But I'm sure we will all sort it out eventually.
I have no time to just chill now it's seriously busy all the time but it's only for this year then we should be able to relax. Unfortunately that means some of our hobbies "diving, Surfing,Paddle boarding,&camping  "will all have to Waite till the holidays this year.We have some big plans for this year already .Some big changes again ..Can't say Yet I feel like I will ginx it.
So all will be revealed in due time...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

What a weekend ...

Went off to Scrapbooking Camp again with my bestie's. It was so much fun .I haven't seen them for about 6 months at least, so it was a blast ,side splitting laughter had by all...We are the crazy ' st bunch when we get together...I do miss them so when I go home..
Anyway the weekend was so productive I managed to finish 3 pages and some of my project life album, ya gotta be happy with that achievement..And if I say so myself I'm rather proud of them....

Monday, July 7, 2014

You can do anything....

We have been trying so hard to get Emily off her Training wheels, but it has not happened.

She has not been very confident. A friend told me they just took them off of their 3 year old and let her use her bike like a push balance bike. So I got thinking that seeing holidays were coming I would make Emily try again and see if we could get somewhere.

We went down with some friends to a park in Newcastle and there was another child there on her bike, and Emily on her scooter. She kept coming to me saying “wish I could ride my bike like her!”. I felt so guilty for not giving her the time on her bike so she could practice, so I told her we'll go and try the following Day at the Park.

She was in such a good mood, even trying to master doing her shoe laces all by herself. I thought, just maybe today is the day, I told her of my plan, hoping she'd agree. She was a little worried for a while getting rid of those blasted training wheels but that was our goal. So off we went to the park very confident seeing that at 6 1/2 she should have mastered this by now.

It was a very shaky start and no progress for a while, but I was confident she'd eventually get it. So I sat and prepared for a long day. It only took her a few hours before she put that foot on that peddle and away she went. Yay, I couldn't control my excitement; and neither could she. I could hear her from the other side of the park. "Mum did ya see". Oh I saw it alright.

You are a very clever girl. She kept at it all day until there were no wobbles at all. And every time she passed me she would say "See I can do anything I want too". I thought, “you so can clever girl”.

Why is it that when we get older we don't have that feeling anymore? We doubt ourselves and always question ourselves instead of trying, trying and eventually succeeding. It doesn't matter how many times you fall or wobble as long as you keep getting back on the bike and trying....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

We are on the move again.....

Yp you wouldn't read about it,I finally sort my craft /scrapbooking table out so I can start to work on it again and we get notice from the landlord saying she needs to sell.So we had a tough decision to make .Do we rent again of bite the bullet and bye,knowing we wouldn't get what we'd like this time around we'd have to make do with something a bit smaller but at least when we do move it will be the last time .
Our Decision was to look for a small 4 bedda that was within our budget,and wouldn't you know we found a little 4 bedda fixer/upper not to far from where we live now.
We are busy packing and sorting once again,I so hate the idea of moving I will be glad to be settled though.

How long till Xmas?

Omg I just looked at the calendar it isn't long to go once we have moved in to the house it will be about 5/6 weeks away,I have not done a thing for it at all ,I'm not ready again this year.It will be a last minute run out to shops fast,not what I had planed for this year but it's came so fast once again caught be by surprise...
I have been looking in the toy catalogs trying to find something special for my 6 year old,its the same crap as last year ,Is everyone feeling the same,I'm a little disappointed in out toy manufactures they have been pushing the same crap at us for years now,I so wish we has a bigger competitor to give us another avenue to go to.But alas there is none the big department stores here have exactly the same as last year..I know I shouldn't be feeling like this but I'm starting to hate shopping for Christmas gifts.I also am not a fan of gift cards either if you can't find a gift for the child how are they soposed to find something different...Anyway I'm off to shops again to go look for something different this year...Good luck with all your shopping and it's not long to go now......

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is it half year already?

This year has been a little hectic with our littlest mite off to kindergarten .With the drop off an pickups I have been in a new routine. 
We have been diving most weekends and our Eldest son has just completed his open water so most times he comes with us now.
 Mal and I are going to complete our rescue diver course this weekend.we are looking forward to it.. 
As for my Surfing I've taken a little break as the weather has been so cold of late I really can't Waite for it to warm up again.I have missed it heaps.
The Both Boys are working heaps so with being their taxi's I really have no time. 
I have recently had a weekend with friends scrapbooking so of late I've been doing a little bit.
I just sent my Masters comp entry in ,I don't think I'm in it to win it this year but at lest I've entered.. 
Gotta say that the school holidays went to fast and have not found time for Family this year.Im behind on everything ..
I have promised myself I'd blog more frequently but of late have just not found the time . So I guess I'll  keep trying ..

Monday, January 21, 2013

My niece had her forth child just before Xmas ,What do you get a child that will have everything? You make it,so I started choosing a pattern,my daughter chose this pattern as she thought it looked like Ema's blanket from once upon-a-time. Not a hard crochet Patten but it would still take me weeks as it needs to be a lot larger than most blankets..
I'm rather pleased with the way it turned out and the child will have a keepsake from her Great Aunty..

Monday, November 12, 2012

Our next big Adventure.

The Padi Advanced Open Water Course...

Well, you could be fooled in thinking yeah, but It was an Adventure that I'll never forget.

We started the Course on Saturday morning at 7am. Yep, you heard right.  I had to be at the diving shop at 7am in the morning.  If that wasn't hard enough I hadn't slept well probably because I hate boat rides in bad weather.  So after not much sleep we turned up at the shop to start to get ready for adventure Day 1.

We were going out to Broughton Island somewhere.  Yeah I know I've done that before, shouldn’t be a drama, or so Mal kept telling me all morning.  The first part of the trip was no different than I'd done any other time, BUT the weather was causing a lot of rather massive waves, there was rain and a lot of cloud.

The trip was utter hell for me. I HATE boat rides in large swells. I curled up against the dive bottles down the middle of the boat and hung on for grim death for about an hour while we headed over to the island where we were going to dive.

I'm not too sure but I must have been so frightened that we were going to end up in the water capsized.  Our dive master, Rowan, tried to make me feel ok about the trip by trying to make light of it all and trying to explain that we'll get through it fine but this had no effect.  Every time the boat rolled or dropped I'd almost scream in tears.  It is my worst fear - boats and any sort of swell.  Poor Mal tried so hard telling me it's ok and we'll get there fine.  I knew we would but I was petrified and nothing was going to change the feeling every-time it swayed, dropped or pitched my heart jumped out of my throat.

We did eventually get there fine and dropped anchor.  And yep, it was better weather at the island.  They were all correct, but it still looked nasty for our trip back.

We started to prepare for our dive after a brief from Rowan.  We geared up and headed off the boat.  We descended down a shot line off the back of the boat.  This was our first dive for the weekend and we had some serious things to find.  I had to concentrate on the life around me and not the trip home.  Once we were all on the bottom of ocean (the big deep blue/green heaven ) I started to feel a lot better. I know I'm great at finding life down there. I spot more stuff than Mal can.  So, we followed Rowan and started to look for the things we needed to find to pass the Naturalist part of our course. We needed to find 5 vertebrae, 5 non vertebrae and 2 plants. This is the easy part - remembering them when I get back to Shore might be a challenge though.

The dive was as usual, brilliant, I do love being down there.  It wasn't long before we'd seen enough so we surfaced and headed back to the boat.  By the time we were all on board the swell was starting to pick up.
I was already aware of it before we had even started the engines and found myself in much the same position as before but, to my amazement, it was an easier trip back.  Boy I was glad to be back on land.  We still had so much to do.

After a lunch break we were told we'd be heading over to Shoal Bay for our Peak Buoyancy dive and Navigation dive.  Oh thank God is all I could think - no more boats. Yay.

We went through our Navigation (using the compass) in the park to make sure we had it sorted before we went into the water.  I must say this is the most challenging of all the course for me.  I've never been rather good at orientation so if Mal had to rely on me we'd probably get lost.  It's something we'll be practicing for years to come .

Our dive at Shoal Bay was rather tiring, mentally and physically. Our buoyancy went as well as expected, I knew I had that sorted.  Mal was a little over-weighted so he struggled a bit.

Then it was time for Rowan to give us directions to follow reading compass headings that we needed to complete under water. mmm no visibility this should be fun. I was seriously starting to panic at one stage but this is Mal's strong area and I knew if I struggled a bit he, being my buddy, would guide me in the right direction and wouldn't you know it, he did.

So, stage 2 of our course completed but bugger I was so tired. So tired that when we eventually got home to the kids, I almost fell asleep listening to poor little Emily explaining her day to me.  We went almost straight to bed - too pooped to care.

Day two, Oh My God what time is it. Crap, the birds aren't even up. Mal woke me up at about 4.45am as we needed to be at the dive shop by 5.45am. Noooo, I need sleep, not happy, too early for me.

I was in a better mood by the time we got there though, and rather glad as the day was turning out to be great weather.

So what were we in for today, mmmm, we were heading off to Halifax to complete our deep dive - YAY, no boat dive. I couldn't be happier. I love the beach dives and we get to go a lot deeper than we've ever been.  So excited.

It was a great dive.  The visibility wasn't good but I'm really looking forward to doing that dive again. I love the big Blue Gropers that are there and it's so peaceful under the water.  As for the depth, that doesn't bother me any – I love to be down there anytime. I didn't notice a lot of difference between 18 meters and the 26.1 meters we did except that it was darker and we had to use our torches more. The visibility was a little better than the day before, but I didn't care either way.  On the way back to shore we encountered a bit of a strong current.  It tested our strength a bit. I didn't panic but swam against it rather well.  Mal struggled a bit but in the end we got back to shore fine.  The morning dive completed, so much fun, yay.

On our return to the shop we got told we'd be going on a boat to Government Wharf (I've been there before).  A nice quick trip on the boat.  It was easy as, no waves and no bad weather.  The dive was not as good as we did before but I didn't care, that was our last dive for our course.  Now we had to go over the knowledge stuff to complete the rest of the course. That was a breeze but I'm so tired I think I could sleep for a week.

I’m pleased I've completed another course and come away with more confidence thanks to our Master scuba trainer Rowan whom put us through our paces. He's tough but fair, and a great, great instructor.

Now I have to figure out what PADI course I should do next ...