Thursday, July 21, 2022

 Samurai Beach Day out with SHRKB8  Our 4X4 friends Jim and Cherie

Wow Talk about a strange Day, Phone message at 10 30 in morning "what ya doing ?

Nothing Much ....

Do you want to go out

Sounds great...

So off to the Beach ,Samurai was our destination , quickly pack car, pull in to Cole's for some lunch and off we went.We haven't taken our new girl the Ranger wild track named "Pink bits" out on the sand yet but we aired down and we were there in a bit.

We went with our good friend Cherie and Jim Dodd their cars name is SHRKB8. A morning of fun and chatting about some more upcoming adventures.

We have owned the Ranger for about 6 months now and are still finding our feet. It is a little longer than the Everest we owned,but most of the inside is the same. We have a Gvm upgrade done to it to pull our van comfortably,which has lifted it 2 inches, also there is a lot of other extras done to it will go into details on another post.

Today was about the sand, I have to say the car handled it well. Hubby drove out along the beach and I drove home.I slid a bit and sort of scratched the side a bit but no major damage just a lot of laughs and fun. Its the first of many trips to come in this beast of a car.We were keen to get a feel of capability as we have a trip to K'gari (Fraser Island ) booked and planed for this for September/October school holidays.We have done a few 4x4 trips in it now but this was her first Sand trip.

We enjoyed a walk along the beach, It was a lovely sunny day, I also managed to  climb the rocks down the east end then brisk walk back to cars to start our trip home, I could have stayed there all afternoon, but someone made other arrangements for the rest of the day ....

If you get the chance go check it out lovely drive and nice little beach.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Xmas Holidays part 2  Canberra
Alivio Tourist Park Canberra

We took Emily to Canberra it was something she has wanted to do for some time,so what a great way to live the holiday life in a Van,
Setting up campsite.

War Memorial Canberra

Canberra War Memorial.
Then the Dinosaur Museum 

Emily loved this place was a great place for kids her age.

Next we visited the Reptile Zoo

My kid not scared of these things like her mum is...

If they are behind glass I ok with them but here you can touch and pat most of the reptiles...Mum(YUK,YUK)Emily loved it...

Parliament House

Emily thought the iced chocolate was the highlight of this day...

Telstra Tower
Mum was to chicken to go up the tower so Emily and Dad went to the top..

Looks a bit windy ...but a great view of Canberra...

Australia Mint Canberra

Great place to visit Emily sure loved it....

Mount Stromlo


Csiro & Deep space centre

Cool places for kids to visit..

Cockington Green Gardens
They make the best Devon-shire tea...YUMMO...

We loved the little villages and there was some awesome ones,Great day had here...

Canberra Zoo and Aquarium

Was a smallish zoo but nice walk around ..

Canberra splash Water park

Nice place to cool off not very big only a handful of slides but loads of fun,Great day had if kids(Including Husband) have so much fun you don't see them for a while...That's a win in my books...

or as Emily says Heaven on earth...

Questacon was massive and you do need good walking shoes.could have done two days there easily.
And trust me its for kids of all ages,,
This was Canberra we enjoyed it immensely and will visit again one Day.
So from here we headed to Jarvis Bay for a few days.....