Sunday, January 1, 2017

Xmas holiday 2016/2017

Lake St Clair

We left on the 21st of December 2016, a few days before Xmas, How nice it was to have no one really around and we had the lake to our selves. We even had a fire at night. It was so peaceful.

Xmas was busy at the lake, people everywhere by that stage. We were lucky to get there early and get a nice spot by the water where we looked out onto the water and mountains. It was great to be able to just slide the boards and kayaks into the water from the front of van.

We did meet a lot of lovely people, some nicer than others. It was
great for Miss Em. Some people offered her a go on their air seat being towed by a boat. She made lots of day friends she would call them as they only turned up for each day.

The weather was great; a little tropical though, freaking hot then storms in the afternoon. Some days windy just before dinner time.

What a great start to our caravan'in life.

It was our first real holiday in our very new Van and we did handle it well, There were challenges and concerns but by pack up day we had it all covered and ready to try it again.

We were away for Xmas. Emily was pleased even Santa did find her so that made her day. I think she had doubts after her Elf couldn't find us. Santa scored loads of points this year he managed to find some old PlayStation 2 games which she was so chuffed with (as that is what we have allowed her to take in van for wet weather days),

She is such a great kid. She made a few little friends around the lake but is just as happy floating around with her dad in the water.. Week one is almost over now bring on week two...

Week two was so hot we visited the town a few days just to get out of the heat. My puppies were suffering just as much as I was so the trip into Singleton in the air-conditioning was a fantastic idea. 

We got to use that thing called a phone and send all our Xmas and New years messages out to family and friends. We also found a great little cafe by the shopping center. They were even dogie friendly and gave my puppies a big bowl of water.

We spent the morning snooping around and getting some more supplies then headed back to our van by the lake. 

A lot of photos were taken and video on the go pro hero 5 (my new Xmas present ) my hubby is awesome. Had to say that he bought it cause I wanted one but he was behind it more than I was....It is a great little device. The photo's came out fantastic and the video stabilization is the best specially when I use it...

So with sadness in our heats we have left Lake St Clair but are a little exited to be home for a few days before heading away for STAGE TWO of our great adventure....coming soon....

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

End of year crazy

Today is the second last day of school for this year 2016 . I hope everyone has an awsome Christmas and new years.. We are off camping again so will post again soon...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 2016

Big Plans are happening..
This is the first of Many changes my family will go through,It starts with the sale finally of our Sydney home .We were lucky and got a great price finally for it,So we could put some plans into action.
Our close friends and work colleges were probably sick of hearing that when we sell the house we can finally be able to come away a lot more and enjoy our favorite hobbies with them more.
So it's for them I say thanks for listening to our constant dream talk,and our forever plans..
We sold the house and bought our 4X4 a big Ford Everest ,then had some work done to it to make traveling a bit more easier.We put the deposit down on a New Age Van at the last caravan show,So we new it would be finished around September/October,but luck would have it that it was delivered just in time for my youngest's birthday.She was so pleased her quote"best birthday Present ever".
As some would already know this year has been a hurdle and a half for my husband whom was suffering the dreaded C disease(BOYS PAY ATTENTION) "Prostate cancer"' is the worst ever, it not only affects the husband it affects their partner as well,There is a lot of you'll be fine your young you can fight this as long as you can bet the cancer you have ya life.YER RIGHT....
They don't say that life is F???ed up after,that you and you partner may not survive the trauma,Life is definitely different.I class myself as young I just turned 45, ok not so young anymore ,But My husband has just got through a radical prostectomy and partial nerve removal,go look that up on google.
As for a bunch of side effects it was an emotional journey to Hell and back,And just before he went under the knife I got diagnosed with Addison's disease ,which came with a hole life change as well talk about worst year so far,
So we both needed to look forward to a happier ending to this year.Stress could not be a part of it for me anymore,I struggle most days with rheumatoid arthritis and have some good days and a lot of bad.We both needed something to talk about apart from health i was doing our marriage in.
Once the caravan got delivered it all began to fall into place.Our first holiday was organised by the New Age company to get a feel for Van "So nice of them",It is a whole new world this caravaning,But I'm sure in time we will take to it like we do anything else.We are a crazy bunch and love almost everything life throws at us .May it be smooth sailing for a while...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Life as we know it is changing Feb 2016

So school has gone back this is the start of the second week.My big boys are back to tafe,and if they are not they head to work.
Miss Em has started  year 3 this year one of the hardest years in school .While Mum has started tafe herself.Its going to be hard to feel comfortable in the new routeen ,but we will all need to pull our weight now,and work as a family.Our weekend a normally so busy already without the stress of assignments or extra study,But I'm sure we will all sort it out eventually.
I have no time to just chill now it's seriously busy all the time but it's only for this year then we should be able to relax. Unfortunately that means some of our hobbies "diving, Surfing,Paddle boarding,&camping  "will all have to Waite till the holidays this year.We have some big plans for this year already .Some big changes again ..Can't say Yet I feel like I will ginx it.
So all will be revealed in due time...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

What a weekend ...

Went off to Scrapbooking Camp again with my bestie's. It was so much fun .I haven't seen them for about 6 months at least, so it was a blast ,side splitting laughter had by all...We are the crazy ' st bunch when we get together...I do miss them so when I go home..
Anyway the weekend was so productive I managed to finish 3 pages and some of my project life album, ya gotta be happy with that achievement..And if I say so myself I'm rather proud of them....

Monday, July 7, 2014

You can do anything....

We have been trying so hard to get Emily off her Training wheels, but it has not happened.

She has not been very confident. A friend told me they just took them off of their 3 year old and let her use her bike like a push balance bike. So I got thinking that seeing holidays were coming I would make Emily try again and see if we could get somewhere.

We went down with some friends to a park in Newcastle and there was another child there on her bike, and Emily on her scooter. She kept coming to me saying “wish I could ride my bike like her!”. I felt so guilty for not giving her the time on her bike so she could practice, so I told her we'll go and try the following Day at the Park.

She was in such a good mood, even trying to master doing her shoe laces all by herself. I thought, just maybe today is the day, I told her of my plan, hoping she'd agree. She was a little worried for a while getting rid of those blasted training wheels but that was our goal. So off we went to the park very confident seeing that at 6 1/2 she should have mastered this by now.

It was a very shaky start and no progress for a while, but I was confident she'd eventually get it. So I sat and prepared for a long day. It only took her a few hours before she put that foot on that peddle and away she went. Yay, I couldn't control my excitement; and neither could she. I could hear her from the other side of the park. "Mum did ya see". Oh I saw it alright.

You are a very clever girl. She kept at it all day until there were no wobbles at all. And every time she passed me she would say "See I can do anything I want too". I thought, “you so can clever girl”.

Why is it that when we get older we don't have that feeling anymore? We doubt ourselves and always question ourselves instead of trying, trying and eventually succeeding. It doesn't matter how many times you fall or wobble as long as you keep getting back on the bike and trying....

Sunday, October 13, 2013

We are on the move again.....

Yp you wouldn't read about it,I finally sort my craft /scrapbooking table out so I can start to work on it again and we get notice from the landlord saying she needs to sell.So we had a tough decision to make .Do we rent again of bite the bullet and bye,knowing we wouldn't get what we'd like this time around we'd have to make do with something a bit smaller but at least when we do move it will be the last time .
Our Decision was to look for a small 4 bedda that was within our budget,and wouldn't you know we found a little 4 bedda fixer/upper not to far from where we live now.
We are busy packing and sorting once again,I so hate the idea of moving I will be glad to be settled though.

How long till Xmas?

Omg I just looked at the calendar it isn't long to go once we have moved in to the house it will be about 5/6 weeks away,I have not done a thing for it at all ,I'm not ready again this year.It will be a last minute run out to shops fast,not what I had planed for this year but it's came so fast once again caught be by surprise...
I have been looking in the toy catalogs trying to find something special for my 6 year old,its the same crap as last year ,Is everyone feeling the same,I'm a little disappointed in out toy manufactures they have been pushing the same crap at us for years now,I so wish we has a bigger competitor to give us another avenue to go to.But alas there is none the big department stores here have exactly the same as last year..I know I shouldn't be feeling like this but I'm starting to hate shopping for Christmas gifts.I also am not a fan of gift cards either if you can't find a gift for the child how are they soposed to find something different...Anyway I'm off to shops again to go look for something different this year...Good luck with all your shopping and it's not long to go now......